Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Book Review: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

In the immortal words of one Ms Oprah Winfrey... “GAAAAAAAAAAHH!”
The only way I can start this is by saying - this a bloody brilliant book. Not only is it so pretty (!) but omg the story, the writing, the everything is amazing.
            The story follows a very narcissistic man who is involved in a car accident that leaves him horrifically burnt all over his body. While he spends a long time recovering in hospital, a woman named Marriane Engel comes into his room, befriends him, and tells him that they were once lovers in a former life. What happens next is a beautifully told, with a real sense of intuition and imagination. This novel is so wonderfully epic, its hard to believe that it is all kept within the pages of a book and I love that about reading. Davidson does a great job of then guiding the reader along as we follow our nameless main character, as well as the story that Marriane Engel gradually unfolds.
            The only negative I can find with this book is that it does take a while to get into. But, good lord, if there’s ever a book that you just need to invest a bit of time in, this is it because you will be so rewarded in the end. I finished this with a mixture of every different feeling and it is definitely one I plan on rereading again and again!

The blurb now I’ll stop blurbing myself:

“A young man is fighting for his life.

Into his room walks a bewitching woman who believes she can save him.

Their journey will have you believing in the impossible.”

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